the visible and near-infrared light plane window (sapphire, quartz, K9, etc.)

Planar optical window used in visible and near-infrared optical communications, optoelectronics, sensors, etc. The main products are flat sapphire optical window, quartz windows, BK7optical glass window.
Plane sapphire optical window main specifications are 2.5 ×0.28、 2.9 × 0.28、 3.5 × 0.28、 4.0 ×0.28、4.5 × 0.28 etc.
Can be customized according to customer requirements.

规格型号Specification 材料Material 外型尺寸Dimensions(mm) 光学有效口径optically effective  diameter(mm) 金属化区域metalized area(mm) 光谱指标

spectral Specification

Φ2.5×0.28 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ2.5 Φ1.6 ≥Φ1.8  




Φ2.9×0.28 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ2.9 Φ1.6 ≥Φ1.8
Φ3.5×0.28 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ3.5 Φ2.2 ≥Φ2.4
Φ4.0×0.28 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ4.0 Φ2.8 ≥Φ3.0
Φ4.5×0.28 蓝宝石sapphire Φ4.5 Φ3.2 ≥Φ3.4