Endoscope Package Window

The endoscope is used very bad environment, needs the high-temperature sterilization before using. It needs very high hermetic to prevent the moisture intrusion detected system, the moisture would affect the optical image clarity and service life.

Hermetic window components than 5 * 10-12PaM3/S, which can resist high temperature sterilization.

The existing product model:

规格型号Specification 材料


外型尺寸Dimensions(mm) 光学有效口径optically effective  diameter(mm) 金属化区域metalized area(mm) 光谱指标spectral Specification
Φ5.7×0.6 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ5.7 Φ4.2 ≥Φ4.4  



Φ7×0.5 蓝宝石sapphire Φ7 Φ5.6 ≥Φ5.8
Φ8×0.5 蓝宝石 sapphire Φ8 Φ6.6 ≥Φ6.8